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Ms. Malebogo Kgalemang

Malebogo Kgalemang

Faculty of Humanities

Theology and Religious Studies

Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 253/112
Phone: 355 2611/5482
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Malebogo Kgalemang is a Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Gender Studies at the University of Botswana in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities. She has been a member of the Department since September 2002.She holds an MPhil from The Drew University Graduate Division of Religion in Madison, New Jersey. She also holds a Master of Theology from Glasgow University (2000) and a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities, 1999). She is currently revising her doctoral dissertation on the Kenyan thinker and writer, Ngugi wa Thiong’o titled Ngugi’s Postcolonial Bible. Kgalemang’s strong scholarly strengths is her ability to work within interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches where her research interests are located. Kgalemang works at  the intersections of the Bible, the African novel, Postcolonial and Feminist Theories, Botho/Ubuntu and gender. In addition, her research explores the relationship between the production of social (or cultural) meaning and their historical bearings on the shaping and sustenance of cultures of gender and its intersectionalities.



  1. TRS112: Bible and Gender examines the Bible from the perspectives of Gender and its Intersectionalities. We trace the construction of women and men in the Bible with the intention of privileging traditional marginalised women's voices
  2. GEC263//TRS221: Politics of Gender takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Gender in Setswana contexts.

My Research Interests Include the following:

  • The Bible and Postcolonial Theories (including the Bible and the African Novel)
  • Social Theories
  • theories of Coloniality, Postcolonial and feminism
  • Gender and its Intersectionalities
  • Cultural Studies


Students working within the following areas are highly welcomed:

  • The Bible and the African Novel
  • Postcolonial Theories and Religion
  • Gender and its Intersectionalities


  • Kgalemang, Malebogo. (2020): Critique of Black Reason, by Achille Mbembe. Africa Historical Review, DOI: 10.1080/17532523.2020.1718383
  • Co-Author. (2019) “Pathways to Social Capital and Botho/Ubuntu Ethic in the Urban Space in Gaborone, Botswana” in Global Social Welfare: Research, Policy, & Practice. Vol. 4; Number 1.
  • Co-Author (2018) “Reproducing or Creating a New Male?: Bridal Showers in the Urban Space in Botswana.” Journal of Gender and Religion Vol. 24 No. 1, 79-95.
  • Co-Author (2016). “Botho/Ubuntu: Community Building and Gender Constructions in Botswana.” Journal of Interdenominational Theological Centre, Vol. 42, Spring Issue, 1-22.
  • Kgalemang, Malebogo. (2016). Book Review: Rape: A South African Nightmare, by Pumla Dineo Gqola. Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies Vol. 30 (2).
  • Kgalemang, Malebogo.(2014). Soundings in Cultural Studies: Perspectives and Methods in Culture, Power, and Identity in the New Testament: A Review Essay. In BOLESWA Vol. 4, No. 1 (2014), 413

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