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Dr. Alemayehu Bekele Eshetu


Faculty of Medicine


Senior Lecturer

Location: Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital first floor room 2010
Phone: +267 355 5496
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MD, anatomic pathologist, also attended cytology training in Zurich University, Switzerland and Breast & Gynecology pathology in Nottingham University Hospital, UK

I was born on eighth of June 1965 in Ethiopia. I joined medical school at Jimma University in Sept 1985 and received MD degree in Feb 1991. I served as general medical practitioner in district hospital for four years. In January 1995 started residency in anatomic pathology at Addis Ababa University and completed the program in July 1998 with specialty diploma.  In August 1998 I joined my former medical school, Jimma University and appointed as lecturer. I worked for over 15 years Jimma in University till I Joined the University of Botswana in Feb 2015.  In both higher learning institutions, I taught undergraduate and postgraduate medicine students along with anatomic pathology service. My experience in anatomic pathology was assessed and I’m certified as consultant pathologist by registering body in Ethiopia and Botswana Health professional council in Botswana.  This coordinated teaching and anatomic pathology practice for many years has helped me to generate case scenarios and specimens for teaching. Particularly in my current institution my engagement in surgical and cytopathology at the National Health Laboratory Ministry of Health and Wellness has enabled me to identify very nice cases for teaching and students’ assessment.  I had served as HOD pathology in my former University and was also acting HOD in the University Of Botswana, Faculty of Medicine, and Department of pathology from April 2016 to July 2018.  I’m married and father of two boys.

Under graduate mainly general pathology and selected topics in cardiorespiratory, genitourinary and gastrointestinal diseases in attempt to facilitate the problem based learning of the students. Postgraduate teaching is surgical and cytopathology. As postgraduate program is learning by doing much of the engagement is supervision and guidance. In fact one to one engagement with trainees is the main activity in graduate program teaching. I engaged in grossing and FNA aspiration technique teaching

Investigation of the causes of lymphadenopathy using FNA aspiration cytology was one of my research areas. This research has identified various diagnostic methods for tuberculous lymphadenitis and couple of publications has come out. The other focus of research is HPV strain identification and epidemiology of cervical cancer. Currently I’m being involved in a project about the Role of Novel Tests, Biomarkers and HPV Vaccines for Cervical Cancer in Botswana.

Grossing bench activity, FNA cytology aspiration procedure and one to one session for case demonstration and also case sign out. The other supervision area is mentorship in dissertation projects. I’m assigned to mentor the following projects. Positive predictive value of FNA cytology on malignant disease of the breast, factors affecting concordance of Pap smear and histopathology reports in cervical cancer screening & treatment and histopathology laboratory quality assurance studies.

  1. Alemayehu Bekele, M. Baay, Zeleke Mekonnen, Sultan Suleman and S. Chatterjee. Human papillomavirus type distribution among women with cervical pathology – a study over 4 years at Jimma Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia. Tropical Medicine and International Health, volume 15 no 8 pp 890–893 august 2010.
  2. M.Tadesse, G.Abebe, A.Bekele, M.Bezabih, D.Yilma, L.Apers, Jong, L.Rigouts. Xpert MTB/RIF assay for the diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis: a diagnostic evaluation study. Clinical Microbiology and Infection; 22 December 2018,
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