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Mr. Biki Basupi


Faculty of Business

Tourism and Hospitality Management


Location: Block 245 Office 025
Phone: (+267) 3552114
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MSc Environmental Science (Natural Resources Economics), University of Botswana

PGDE, University of Botswana

BA Environmental Science, University of Botswana

Biki Basupi is a Tourism Lecturer in the Department of Tourism & hospitality Management.  He holds an MSc degree in Environmental (University of Botswana) with an emphasis on natural resources management, a BA Degree in Environmental Science (University Of Botswana) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (University of Botswana). His research interests include natural resources management, sustainable tourism, Cultural Tourism, Tour Operations as well as urban tourism. Basupi has worked as an environmental consultant under several companies. His journey in academics started at the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Botswana where he worked as a teaching assistant and later on worked as a lecturer. In 2014, he moved to the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management where he is currently based. He has a few published articles in both local and international journals. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science with the University of Botswana.

Currently he teaches courses on Research, Sustainable Nature Based Tourism, Safari & Camp Management, Tour Operations Management, Tourism in Botswana, Management of Parks, Game Reserves & Sanctuaries to mention but a few.


Cultural Tourism

Natural Resources Management

Urban Tourism


Community Based Tourism

Community Based Natural Resources Management

Urban Tourism

Cultural Tourism


1. Tsholofelo Mokgachane, T., Basupi, B., & Lenao, M. (2019): Implications of cultural commodification on the authenticity of iKalanga music: a case of Domboshaba traditional music festival in Botswana, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, DOI: 10.1080/14766825.2019.1700989.

2. Basupi, B., Pansiri, J., & Lenao, M. (2017). Botswana Tourism policy Landscape–successes and challenges. Botswana Journal of Business10(1), 83-96.

3. Lenao, M., & Basupi, B. (2016). Ecotourism development and female empowerment in Botswana: A review. Tourism Management Perspectives18, 51-58.

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