Staff Profiles

Dr. Mabel Kefilwe Moeng Magowe

A Nurse-Midwifery specialist with Bachelor of Nursing Educator 

Dr Magowe is a passionate nurse-midwife with 40 years of extensive experience in practice, theoretical and clinical teaching and research in maternal and child health and reproductive health. Her research focus has been HIV and AIDS prevention and control, and reproductive health outcomes of adolescents and youth. She teaches HIV and AIDS Education and Midwifery courses in the School of Nursing with a view to improve reproductive health for young people at the University of Botswana. She assist lecturers to integrate HIV and AIDS into courses of study university wide. Dr Magowe participates in different committees at the School of Nursing, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the University at large. She has been engaged with the Multisectoral clinical Committee at Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching hospital that provide guidance in determining and securing resources for Covid 19 response of the hospital. She is also a member to the UB-SKMTH command team that coordinates engagement of the two entities for securing human resources for the hospital for Covid 19. She has won several international, regional and national awards for her distiguished contribution to nursing and midwifery, health care and teaching.

HIV/AIDS Education, Prevention and Control (BNS 209) for undergraduate students university wide

HIV/AIDS and Nursing Management for graduate nursing students

Family Nursing for graduate nursing students

Perinatal Nursing for undergraduate nursing students.

Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS prevention and control, learning management technologies

ceKangaroo Mother Care (KMC) among Nurses and Midwives in selected settings in Botswana

Experiences of mothers post stillbirth delivery in Princess Marina Hospital

Quality of life of family caregivers of patients with cervical cancer

Use of safer sex practices by adolescents

Adherence to antiretroviral therapy

Complementary and alternative therapies by people living with HIV and AIDS

Domiciliary and postpartum issues

Cervical cancer screening

Experiences of women with incomplete abortion

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