Staff Profiles

Mr. Paphani Buzwani

Diploma: Graphic Design

Profeciency Certificate: Engineering Craft

I have also done online courses like Manufacturing and Product Design, Multimedia Development and Information Technology Management.

I am currently working as a laboratory Assistant in the CAD\CAM lab in the Industrial Design and Technology Department. This is a specialized lab that deals with Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. In CAD we use both 2D (Techsoft 2D design) and 3D (Solidworks) softwares whereas in CAM we use 3D printers and Boxford Lathe, Milling and Router machines.

On my daily schedule I prepare and make sure that the equipment and materials used in the Lab are ready for the class. I also help students with software. I also make sure that the asset and Consumables inventory is up-to-date. I sometimes cover up for a collogue in the Graphics Lab because of my knowledge in graphic software’s like adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. I am also comfortable on working on both Mac and Windows platforms. I sometimes take part in the projects that are done by the Design Hub in the department. 

In pursuit of academic excellence