Staff Profiles

Ms Cynthia Ontiretse Mooketsi

Cynthia O Moketsi

Faculty of Humanities


Lecturer in Archaeology

Location: 244E/061
Phone: 3555085
Email Ms Cynthia Ontiretse Mooketsi

MPhil in Archaeology from the University of Bergen, Norway

Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Botswana

BA Humanities (Archaeology Single Major) from University of Botswana

I am Archaeologist with research interest on faunal analysis from archaeological sites and Stone Age archaeology. Of late I have been working on issues of incorporation Indigenous Knowledge into archaeological research methods and theories. My rationale is that the incorporation of IK into archaeological methods and theory can assist us to better understand southern African archaeology. 

Faunal Analysis in Archaeology

Stone Age Archaeology

African Archaeology

1. Late Stone Age transitional hunter-gatherer archaeologies

2. Church Archaeologies with a special focus on Old Forest Hill Catholic Mission site in Botswana

3. Zooarchaeology

4. Ethnoarchaeology

1. Zooarchaeology with a special interest in ethnoarchaeology animal remains.

2. Late Stone Age archaeology focusing on transitional hunter-gatherer and early herding communities.


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In pursuit of academic excellence