Staff Profiles

Mrs. Dipotso Galeforolwe

B.Ed. Home Economics

Master of Arts in Child Development

I have a of Master of Arts in Child Development and have been working for the University of Botswana for the past 17 years in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences as a family & child development lecturer.  Although my work is predominantly normal development of young children, I have experience with persons living with disability as result of interaction with Cheshire Foundations in Botswana which give services to children living with disabilities.  My main interest is advocating for good quality of life for children and their families.  



Prenatal Development and early childhood

Child Assessment


Family Development and Interrelationships


Child Development

Child rearing practices

Improving quality of life of children and families


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Galeforolwe, D. (2013).  Understanding critical developmental trajectories in the first three years of Life. In  MAUNDENI, T. & Nnyepi, M. ( Eds),  Thari ya bana: Reflections of children in Botswana ( pp. 34-41). Gaborone: Unicef, Botswana

Molosiwa, A. A., & Galeforolwe, D. (2018). Child rearing practices of the San communities in Botswana: potential lessons for educators. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 14(2), 130-137.

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