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Mr. Okatoseng Tsametse Masoso

MSc, Building Services Engineering (London Southbank University)

B.Eng, Mechanical (Univ of Botswana)

A researcher in energy in buildings.The originator of the anti-insulation theory (2008). He has done consultancies that involve a lot building energy simulation, energy auditing and energy policy formulation for the building sector in Botswana.

Building Services Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Renewable Energy

History of Technology

Engineering Drawing

Anti-insulation phenomenon (current)

Energy in buildings (broad area)

Energy simulation

Energy management

The dark side of occupants' behaviour on building energy use

OT Masoso, LJ Grobler - Energy and buildings, 2010 - Elsevier

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A new and innovative look at anti-insulation behaviour in building energy consumption

OT Masoso, LJ Grobler - Energy and Buildings, 2008 - Elsevier

Against the established norm that adding wall insulation reduces annual fuel consumption, it is shown in this paper that this is not always the case: there are instances where adding wall insulation directly increases annual fuel consumption. As the cooling set-point temperature is gradually increased, the building switches from an “insulation reduces cooling load” to an “insulation increases cooling load” behaviour. In other words, the well established knowledge that “the lower the u-value the better” gets overridden by “the higher the u-value the better”. We termed this a “point of thermal inflexion”.

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Thermal analysis of a kitchen natural ventilati

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