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COL (Dr. ) James otieno Ayugi

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Clinical Psychiatry and Military Psychiatry

    Trained in Clinical   Psychiaty  at the University of Nairobi and Military Psychiatry at Guys Hospital London and Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Woollich,  UK.

   Hands on experience in practice  of  clinical psychiatry spanning over three decades across the African continent from Sierra Leone in

  the west to Kenya in the east and Lesotho and Botswana in the south. Served as Chief of Psychiatry and Colonel in Kenya Defence

  Forces, Founding Head of the Department of Psychiatry at Kenyatta University and Team Leader of the first ever Psychological Team to a

  United Nations Mission -in Sierra Leone. Published over a dozen articles in peer reviewed journals  and authored one book on " Mental

  Health and HIV in Lesotho" and co-authored another on 'Horizons of Rape in Kenya". Research interests include: Rare Psychiatric Syndromes,

  Psychological trauma in wars, Mental Heath of LGBT persons, Substance use in Military Populations.

Teaches in various areas of clinical psychiatry to both undergraduate and residents including:

    skills in Inductive and deductive reasoning, oral and written communication, compassion and empathy, stress tolerance and perception and


   Courses in the Mind, Brain and  Behavior and   Core Psychiatry themes including but not limited to: Psychopathology, and all major and rare

   Psychiatric Disorders


Rare Psychiatric Syndromes,  Psychological trauma in wars, Mental Heath of LGBT persons, Substance use in Military Populations.

Therapeutic Interventions

Addiction  and substances

Clinical Psychiatry

Family Psychiatry

Psychological Trauma

Biological Psychiatry

1. 14 peer reviewed articles including:

  • Cannabis Use Disorder among First-Year Undergraduate Students in Gaborone
  • Developing an Undergraduate Psychiatry training      Program in Botswana
  •  Assessment of Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing Service   Utilization   in Kenya
  •  Mythical and supernatural creatures in psychiatric Symptomatology:
  •  HIV Prevalence among Hospitalized Patients at the Main Psychiatric Referral Hospital in Botswana
  •  Prescribing pattern of psychotropic medications in child psychiatric practice in  in Botswana.
  •  Charles Bonnet Syndrome; Presenting as “Innocent Spirits within”: A Case Report
  •  Neuropsychological profile following suicide Attempt by  Hanging   in Botswana: Three case reports
  •  Case report of Folie En Famille: A shared psychosis

2. Two books:  "Mental Health and HIV in Lesotho" and "Horizons of Rape in Kenya"

In pursuit of academic excellence