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Mr. Wazha Lopang

Mr. Wazha Lopang

Faculty of Humanities


Senior Lecturer

Location: 253/118
Phone: 3555436
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I hold a MA in English (2003) from the University of Botswana, specialising in Oral literature.  I have a BA (Hum) Degree in English (1997) from the University of Botswana as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (1998) from the University of Botswana

I am a senior lecturer of African literature who has taught English language and literature at all levels of the education system in Botswana over a period of  22 years. My area of specialisation is Oral Literature (Orature); post colonial studies in Africa and the colossal works of Bessie Head. I have also developed Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education (BGCSE) examination papers in literature for a period of 4 years and then worked with the Botswana Education Council as a paper reviewer for the literature exam. My research outputs include journal articles and book chapters in reputable publications, both locally and abroad.

I have a thirst for knowledge

I teach Introduction to African Literature (Prose and Poetry); Critical Issues in Modern African literature, a course that deals with black identity and the stages that African literature has undergone from the pre-colonial era to the present. I also teach  Bessie Head, Botswana's foremost writer. My area of expertise is Oral Literature in Botswana with a bias towards gender in oral narratives.

My research covers gender in African Literature, specifically the argument of androgyny in folktales as opposed to seeing animal characters as strictly male or female. This is a new area of study that seeks to erase dichotomies between sexes.

Oral literature with a bias towards gender in oral narratives. This research in gender studies is focused on androgyny and patriarchy in orature



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Lopang, W. (2016).  Xenophobia and Self-acceptance: Applying Adler’s Social Interest theory to We Killed Mangy Dog. Marang: Journal of Language and Literature, (27), 79-86.

Lopang, W (2015) ‘Is there a place for Orality in Botswana Literature?’ In S. Darlington, W. Lopang, L. Mafela, J. McAllister (Eds)  Amantle! A Collection of Essays on Botswana Literature, 101-116. Gaborone: Petlo Literary Arts Trust, 2015

Lopang, W. (2015). The Trickster Tale in Botswana: Does Gender Determine Levels of Violence? In Emenyonu E., Emenyonu P., Bryce J., Eke M., Newell S., Nnolim C., et al. (Eds.), ALT 33 Children's Literature & Story-telling: African Literature Today, 107-129.


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