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Prof. Wazha Gilbert Morapedi

Prof Morapedi

Faculty of Humanities


Associate Professor

Location: Block 202/8
Phone: 0267 3552099 Cell: 0267 71610
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BA, PGDE (UB), MA, PhD (Essex University, UK)


Wazha Gilbert Morapedi is a native of Mulambakwena village in North-Eastern Botswana. I have been a lecturer in the history department of the University for 28 years. Apart from the areas specified in the teaching areas, I have also taught numerous history courses at the University of Botswana at both graduate and undergraduate levels such as Catastrophe and Survival in 20th Century Europe, African Diaspora in the Caribbean and the Americas, Globalisation and Third World Economies in Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia and Historical Research Methods and Historiography of Botswana. I have also taught African economic history at Shanghai Normal University (China). Apart from teaching, I have been the main researcher and secretary for Mulambakwena village in the boundary and headmanship dispute between Mulambakwena and Mosojane villages from 2002 to 2019. I have also been working with residents of block 9 and Bontleng about writing the history of their respective localities. I have conducted several consultancies among them the Debswana commissioned study on the relocation of the inhabitants of Jwaneng, Orapa and Letlhakane to pave way for diamond mining in the early 1970s and on Xenophobia in Southern Africa for OSISA. I have granted interviews to newspapers in Botswana and visiting professors on the liberation struggle. I  have also been external examiner for the University of Venda for several years and have supervised a PhD student and MA students

1. Botswana history

2. Latin American history

3. Central African history

Migration studies, Agrarian history and Liberation studies in Southern Africa.

Migration related issues, agrarian related issues, Southern African liberation studies, social and economic aspects of history.

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4.W.G., Morapedi., 'Schisms in the Zimbabwean Anti Colonial Movements in Botswana, 1959-1979', International Journal of African Historical Studies, 49 (3), 2016.

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