Staff Profiles

Mr. Wankie Boitaolo Roderick Wankie

LLB, University of Botswana

LLM in International Commercial Law, University of Sheffield, UK

Commercial Law; The Law of Contract; Company Law; Competition and Consumer Law; Intellectual Property Law; Negotiable Instruments and Banking Law; Employment Law; The Law of Sale.

Corporate Governance and Ethics; Competition and Consumer Protection; Democracy, Constitutionalism and Political Organisations; Privatisation and Reforms of State Owned Entities.

1) Corporate Purposes Beyond the Shareholder Interest; The Ethical and Social Dimension (2004)

2) Enhancing Intra Party Democracy; The Case of the Botswana Democratic Party (2006)

3) The Riba Conundrum: The Ethical Appeal of Islamic Banking (2013)

In pursuit of academic excellence