Staff Profiles

Mr Alpheus Wanano Mogwe

MSc Advanced Networking

Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Networking

BSc Hons Computer Science

Certificate Business & Information Technology

Oracle and Cisco Certified

Mr. Alpheus Mogwe is a Lecturer of Information Systems in the Department of Library and Information Studies, University of Botswana. Previously worked with Botho University and Limkokwing University at different levels. He is currently pursuing his PhD IT MANAGEMENT (Information Systems) with University of Johannesburg.  Mr. Mogwe is an active member of professional associations in the field of ICT including among BITS (Botswana Information Technology Society), BERA (Botswana Educational Research Association), BAS (Botswana Academy of Sciences). He has participated in various conferences and also made publications in peer-reviewed journals. 

Network Management

Database Management

Web Development and Management

Project Management

Computer/Information Systems

Computer Programming

Projects & Industrial Attachment

Computer/Information Systems



ICT adoption/use

Mobile Systems


Computer/Information Systems


Mobile Systems


Mogwe, A.W. (2019). Networking and Securing Botswana’s Public Health Care System (BPHS) to enable a secure digitalized patient-centered environment. (JHIA) Journal of Health Informatics in Africa, 6(2), p.36-44.

Mogwe, A.W. (2018). Real-Time Concept Feedback in Lectures for Botho University Students. (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 9(6), p.246-251.

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Mogwe, A. W and Kebualemang, G.K (2017). An Empirical Investigation into Blended Learning Effects on Tertiary Students and Students Perceptions on the Approach in Botswana. (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 8(6), 187-197. [online] Available at

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