Staff Profiles

Mr Keaoleboga Dipogiso

Master of Arts (Labour Policies and Globalisation) from University of Kassel and Berlin School of Economics and Law, DE

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) Majoring in Political Science and Public Administration  from University of Botswana, BW

Mr. Dipogiso has been with the Department of Political and Admintrative Studies since April 2018. He is a lecturer, a member of the Departmental Board to which he also provides clerical services as its Secretary. Additionally, he is a member of the Department's Research and Publications Committee, active academic advisor and participates in other Faculty of Social Sciences as an organiser of Open Day interaction of parents, lecturers and student community as well as ocassionally representing the Faculty during Carreer Fair events. He has attended and presented at various international academic conferences in the region, predominantly on workers' organisation, self esteem of labour in the political economy and other related topics. Erstwhile, Mr Dipogiso served in the public service for seven years, in the local authorities of Botswana, an undertaking he ran concurrently with labour movement activism where he had also been a Board Member of a prominent trade union for six years, sat in Ministerial Consultative Councils and various committees of the government consultative processes.  

Degree Courses taught:

  • Classical Political Thought
  • Modern Political Thought
  • Modern Ideologies
  • Politics of Poverty in Southern Africa
  • Democratic Theory and Practice
  • Contemporary Africa
  • Politics of Regionalism

Diploma Courses taught:

  • Botswana's National Security Policy
  • Botswana Politics, Society and Economy
  • Introduction to Civil-MiIlitary Studies 



Urbanity, Migration and Livelihoods; Participatory Democracy; Globalisation; Social Movements; Public-Sector Unionism


Mogomotsi, K., P., Mogomotsi, E., J., Dipogiso, K., Ponchi-Tshekiso N., Stone L., S., Badimom D., (2020). An Analysis of Communities Attitutes towards Wildlife and Implications for Wildlife Sustainability, Tropical Conservation Science, volume 12, 1-9

Molefhe, K., Dipogiso, K., Lotshwao, K., (2019). An Assessment of the Role and Impact of Management  Consultants in the New Public Management Reforms: The Case of Botswana Public Sector, in Sebola, M., Molokwane, T. and Kayuni, H., Governance, Reforms and Public Affairs; Cases from Southern Africa

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