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Mr Baboki Jonathan Dambe

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Faculty of Social Sciences



Location: 232/120
Phone: 3552341
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LLB (University of Botswana) 

LL.M (University of Edinburgh)


Criminal Law

Clinical Legal Education 

International Commercial Arbitration

International Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure

Human Rights

Labour Law

"Legislative Erosion of Judicial Discretion in Relation to Murder with Extenuating Circumstances in Botswana: A Critique of the Amendment of Section 203 (2) of the Penal Code" Criminal Law Forum (2021), Vol 32, Issue 2, 285

"Enhancing the Protection of Minors from Defilement in Botswana: Merits and Flaws of the Law and the Process" University of Botswana Law Journal, (2020) Vol 28, 176. Co-authored with G. R Lekgowe

“The Stock Theft and Customary Courts in Botswana: Justice Sacrificed on the Altar of Expediency?” Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law (2020) Vol 52: 3, 65. Co-authored with Professor C.M Fombad

“The Right of Access to State-held information in Botswana: Lessons from Emerging International Human Rights Jurisprudence” Commonwealth Law Bulletin (2018) 44:3, 429. Co-authored with Professor T.B. Balule

"The Doctrine of Competence-Competence and the Botswana Arbitration Act of 1959: The Need for Reform" University of Botswana Law Journal, (2014) Vol 18, 

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