Staff Profiles

Dr Keene Boikhutso

  • Ph.D. Political Studies, University of Cape Town, June 2010.
  • M.Ed. Education and Development, University of Bristol, January 1994.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), University of Botswana, October 1987.
  • BA Humanities, University of Botswana, October 1986.

Currently I am senior lecturer, Social Studies Education teaching undergraduate and graduate students. I am also involved in the supervision of undergraduate research projects, master’s dissertations as well as a team member for several MPhil/PhD graduate students. I have served for thirty years as a secondary school teacher, a teacher educator and a researcher. I previously served as senior assistant examiner for Social Studies national examinations. I am a self-motivated individual with great interpersonal skills that I have gained over the years in my role as professional teacher educator and a facilitator in workshop targeting secondary school teachers and college lecturers. I have vast experience in conducting nationwide studies funded by the Botswana Government only and the Government in conjunction with UNICEF. These consultancy studies have afforded me the experience to collect data at a large scale from leading authorities in the community, parents, learners, teachers and other stakeholders in education. I therefore have extensive experience in working with both quantitative and qualitative data, report writing and presenting and disseminating the research findings. I also have basic understanding of SPSS.

  • Social Studies Education
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Citizenship Education
  • Social Issues and Public Policies

  • Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Public Policy and Sector Reforms
  • Teaching and Learning



  • Social Studies Education and PMS
  • Curriculum Issues in Social Sciences
  • Issues of Sustainability




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Molosiwa, A. & Boikhutso, K. (2019). Learning and teaching practices promoting education for Sustainable Development: Case studies from social studies and language education, University of Botswana. In G. Nhamo, & V. Mjimba (eds.), Sustainable Development Goals and Institutions of Higher Education, Sustainable Development Goals Series, Springer Nature Switzerland

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