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Prof. Connie Rapoo

Connie Rapoo

Faculty of Humanities

Visual and Performing Arts

Associate Professor

Location: Block 217 Office 12
Phone: +267 355-2187
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*** Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA.

*** M.A. in Language Studies, University of Lancaster, UK.

*** PGDE in English pedagogy, University of Botswana.

*** B.A. in the Humanities, University of Botswana.



Prof. Connie Rapoo obtained her Ph.D. in theatre and performance studies from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). She joined the University of Botswana in 1996 as a Staff development Fellow, and has been at UB as a theatre educator and academic. She teaches courses in Acting, Play writing, play production, and critical theories of performance.  Rapoo has published in international reputable journals, including Critical Arts, Theatre Journal, Arts and Communities, and Social Dynamics. She established the inaugural Carnival Parade and festivities in 2016, generously sponsored by the First National Bank Foundation (Botswana).  The initiative seeks to advance the University's strategic priorities of Engagement with the community, improving students' experience, and promoting Botswana culture and creative entrepreneurship. Prof. Rapoo has served in national high-level committees, including committees tasked with establishing the Botswana National Strategy for the Creative Industries; the NGO Council, and the national committee on the Intangible Cultural Heritage for Botswana.  An award-winning playwright, (inaugural winner of the Beverley Robinson Award for Playwriting at UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television), Rapoo believes there is a lot of talent in Botswana and thus enjoys mentoring young people on the skills of writing plays and putting Botswana stories and cultural experiences on stage and screen.



*** Acting; 

*** Play writing;

***Play production;

***Critical theories of theatre & performance.



*** Creative industries for the implementation of SDGs; 

*** African theatre and indigenous performance traditions;

*** African youth popular culture;

*** Gender performance;

*** African diaspora;

*** Africa in the transnational imaginary.

*** Critical theories of performance & identity;

*** African theatre.



* Rapoo, C. (2020). "Culture Players in the Post-Colony: Botswana Youth, Popular Culture Practices & Resonances." In Young People & Popular Culture in Africa, ed. Paul Ugor. New York: University of Rochester Press.

* Rapoo, C., M.L. Coelho, & Z. Sarwar, eds. (2014). New Perspectives in Diasporic Performance. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

* Rapoo, C. (2013). "Urbanized Soundtracks: Youth Popular Culture in the African City." Social Dynamics, 39 (2): 368-383.

* Rapoo, C. (2011). "Just Give us the Bones!: Theatres of African Diasporic Returns." Critical Arts 25 (2): 132-149.


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