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Dr Margaret Mokomane

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Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Allied Health Professions

Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 246, Room S101
Phone: 3555756
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PhD in Medical Science,  University of Botswana, 2019  

MSc (Hons) in Clinical Microbiology, Griffith University, Australia, 2005 

BSc in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Howard University, USA, 1996

Dr Margaret Mokomane is a Medical Microbiologist / Virologist, who has worked for the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) for 23 years, mainly in the field of microbiology. She recently transitioned into academics and joined the Faculty of Health Sciences as Senior Lecturer. She is now leveraging on the experience and skills she garnered over the years,  and using it in the academic environment to work on more research projects that will be beneficial to the country, and at the same time imparting these skills on the students she teaches to produce competent and skilled laboratory scientists. During her time in the MOHW, she built institutional and national capacity in microbiology diagnostics, surveillance and research through training of other lab personnel, engaging in surveillance activities as well as managing disease outbreaks. She has also worked to delineate the molecular microbiology of enteric infections in Botswana and helped establish a national pediatric gastroenteritis surveillance program and the national rotavirus surveillance network in Botswana. In collaboration with both local and international colleagues, she has and continues to participate in research activities in different clinical areas in the country. She is a co-investigator and author of a number of research projects which are published in peer-reviewed journals. 

Dr Mokomane teaches the following courses:

1. MLS203 - Medical Virology

2. MLS210 - Principles of Molecular Diagnostics

3. MLS401 - Medical Bacteriology II

4. MLS405 - Research Methods and Proposal Writing

5. MLS408 - Special Microbiology and Medical Mycology

She also coordinates the following courses:

1.MLS404 - Introduction to Biostatistics 

2. MLS409 - Research Project

Over the years, Dr Mokomane collaborated with both local and international colleagues to carry out numerous research projects in various clinical areas in the country, specifically in childhood infectious disease. Her PhD was focussed on Rotavirus gastroenteritis, with emphasis on molecular diagnosis, vaccine effectiveness and the impact of the vaccine on circulating rotavirus genotypes in Botswana. Her research work has resulted in several publications in peer reviewed journals. 

The PhD student she is currently supervising is working on a project entitled "Determination of the spatio-temporal distribution of human and animal rabies viruses in Botswana"


Mokomane, M, et al (2019). Diversity of Rotavirus Strains Circulating in Botswana before and after introduction of the Monovalent Rotavirus Vaccine. Vaccine, 37(43):6324-6328.

Mokomane, M, et al (2018). Evaluation of the Influence of Gastrointestinal Coinfections on Rotavirus Vaccine Effectiveness in Botwana. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 37(3):e58-e62.

Mokomane, M, et al (2017). The global problem of childhood diarrhoeal diseases: emerging strategies in prevention and management. Therapeutic Advances in Infectious Disease, 5(1), pp.29-43.

Mokomane, M, et al (2016). A comparison of flocked swabs and traditional swabs, using multiplex real-time PCR for detection of common gastroenteritis pathogens in Botswana. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, 86(2):141-3.

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