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Prof Gabatshwane Taka Tsayang


Faculty of Education

Primary Education

Associate Professor HoD

Location: 226/12
Phone: 002673552256/5;
Email Prof Gabatshwane Taka Tsayang

  • (1995) Doctor of Education (EdD) University of Bristol (Educational Management Leadership and Policy Studies).


  • (1987) Master of Education Educational Management, Leadership and Policy Studies. University of Botswana


  • (1981) BA+ CDE(Concurrent Diploma Education); Majors: English a

Tsayang is an Associate Professor at University of Botswana (UB) since 2012; appointed Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education (2008 to 2014); teaches and supervises both graduate and undergraduate levels; served as external examiner for Universities of Namibia, South Africa, Rhodes and Fort Hare; published 17 refereed journal articles, one academic book, one book review, four book chapters and 6 social studies school text books; Chaired a consultancy to evaluate the impact of Smart Technology Solutions as proof of concept; participated in a consultancy leading to introduction of Botswana Internship Programme; was part of a consultancy on Educational Resource Mobilisation commissioned by the African Development Bank; chaired a research team on Dual Management of Primary Education in Botswana; appointed chairperson to evaluate supplementary examinations at UB; and  involved in a consultancy which reviewed the Guidance and Counselling Policy and Policy Guidelines for the Ministry of Basic Education. Current Hod, Primary Education Department

Educational Leadership and Management

Educational Research

Educational Leadership and Management

Partnership Policies in Education

Education for Sustainable Development

comparative Education


1. 1999-2020: Supervised 13 MEd projects

2. 006-2020: Supervised 6 Doctoral Projects


Gabatshwane Tsayang, Tshepo Batane and Aaron Majuta (2020) The impact of interactive Smart Boards on students’ learning in Botswana secondary schools: a students’ perspective. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT), 2020, Vol. 16, Issue 2, pp. 22-39

Noam Angrist, Pansiri, O. and Tsayang Gabatshwane (2017).The Effect of Age on school performance Evidence from Botswana , in Lonaka Journal of Learning and Teaching Vol.8No 1

PP 47-65.

Bulawa P. and Tsayang G(2007) Educational System of Botswana in Wolhuter , C.C, Lemmer, E.M. and de Wet, N.C.(eds) Comparative Education: Education Systems and Contemporary Issues in Southern Africa , Pretoria; Van Schaik Publishers.pp 47-69.

Tsayang, Gabatshwane and Bose, K. (2015) Education for Sustainable Development: The Case of Early Childhood Education and Educational Management and Leadership in The Faculty of Education: Univer

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