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Mrs Kebuang Nono Kgafela- Mokoka


Faculty of Humanities


Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 217/ 006
Phone: +267 3552181 (W)
Email Mrs Kebuang Nono Kgafela- Mokoka

Master of Arts (English)

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Bachelor of Arts

Kebuang Nono Kgafela- Mokoka  was born on 20 April, 1965 at Mathubudukwane, Kgatleng District, Botswana. She is married with 2 daughters and a granddaughter. She is  a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, University of Botswana. Her teaching spans over 29 years. She has published a number of chapters, journal articles and presented conference and seminar papers on English literature (English Romantic Poetry and Shakespeare), Commonwealth literature and Botswana literature. Her research areas are gender, culture, religion and language. She has served in different departmental sub-committees and as faculty representative in University committees. 

1. English Romantic Poetry

2. Shakespeare

3 English literature (17th- 19th century)

4. Victorian poetry and prose

5. Commonwealth literature

7. Communication and Study Skills

8. English proficiency courses

Culture and gender relationships (in English literature, African Literature, Commonwealth literature)

Religious and social caste systems in literature

Social class and communication

Media freedom and literary texts


Supervised an MA student (literature)

A member of a supervision committee for MA student

An Internal examiner of an MA Dissertation

- Kgafela- Mokoka, N. and Koketso D. (2019). "Globalization, Cultural Resistance and Gender in Anita Desai's Cry the Peacock" in GRIN Publishing. ISSN 213.790 (Online)

- Kgafela- Mokoka, N. (2019). "The Muted in Mulk Raj Anand's Untouchable. in The Literary Herald. ISSN: 2454-3365 (online)

- Koketso, D and Kgafela- Mokoka, N. (2017). "Books are not Absolutely dead things: Milton Speaks to Freedom of information in Botswana from the grave through Areopagitica" in Scrutiny 2: Issiues in English Literature, pp.1-15. ISSN1753-5409 (online)

- Kgafela- Mokoka, N. (2013). "The Objectification of Women in Barolong Seboni's Love Poems." AMANTLE: A Collection of Critical Writing on Botswana Literature in English.

- Kgafela- Mokoka, N. (2013). "Ritual in Unity Dow's Far and Beyon" in Marang, Vol.23, ISSN1816-7659, pp. 143-151.

- Kgafela, N. 2009. "Images of Women in Botswana's Modern traditional Music.' in NAWA, journal of Language and Communication, Vol. 3. Number 1, pp 3138. ISBN 1993- 383

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