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Dr Adekunle P. AdewuyI

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Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering

Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 248 Room 164
Phone: +267 355 4961
Email Dr Adekunle P. AdewuyI

PhD Structural Engineering

MSc Civil Engineering

BSc Civil Engineering

Dr. Adekunle Adewuyi is an established academic and research scholar. He had his Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Civil & Structural Engineering. He received his doctorate in Structural Engineering on vibration-based structural health monitoring techniques for civil infrastructure using fiber-optic strain sensing measurement strategy. 

In the past two decades, Dr Adewuyi has taught hundreds of students at both undergraduate and graduate levels in Civil/ Structural Engineering, Sustainable Construction Materials Engineering, and Foundation Engineering. He successfully supervised over 60 Bachelor’s, 2 postgraduate diploma’s, 8 Masters and one doctorate students in Civil Engineering. He has also handled many projects as a consultant, and have been invited as facilitators for continuing engineering training in a number of consulting engineering firms.

Dr. Adewuyi is an expert on structural performance and durability assessment of civil infrastructure and construction materials with sustained high quality publications. He is a well-traveled academic and researcher who has presented his research findings in virtually every continent of the world. He is a member of many national and international professional bodies.

Engineering Mechaniocs: Statics

Strength of Materials/Mechanics of Materials

Structural Analysis

Reinforced Concrete Design

Structural Steelwork

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

Advanced Design of Steel Structures

Structural Dynamics

Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures

Design of Tall Buildings

Concrete Materials

Structural health monitoring

Structural durability

Intelligent infrastructure

Analytical and finite element analysis of structural behaviour

Sustainable materials

Physical, mechanical and microstructural properties of construction materials


Soil-structure interaction

Structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure

Smart sensing strategies for bridge monitoring

Condition assessment of constructed facilities

Structural durability assessment and enhancement

Structural reliability and optimization

Probabilistic finite element analysis and parametric studies of structures

Corrosion assessment and modelling of RC & PC structures

Physical, mechanical and microstructural properties of construction materials


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