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Mr Bakwenabatsile Lame

Mr Lame Bakwenabatsile

Faculty of Business

Accounting and Finance


Location: Block 245/office 234
Phone: 355 5679
Email Mr Bakwenabatsile Lame

Bachelor of Nursing Science
Bachelor of Finance
Master of Business Administration- Finance
Certificate of Proficiency-Long Term Insurance
Fundamentals of Biostatistics

Mr Lame Bakwenabatsile is a Finance Lecturer in the  Faculty of Business, Accounting and Finance department, University of Botswana. He possesses a Master’s degree in Business administration specializing in Finance. He studied for his degree in Finance from the University of Botswana and also have certificate of proficiency (COP) in Long term Insurance from Botswana Accountancy College acquired. Mr Bakwenabatsile is also the head of finance for Group 15 Investment (Pty) Ltd, responsible for driving investment strategy and managing the finances of the company. He is also a former Board of Directors for Botswana Family Welfare Association (An NGO) where his main responsibility was to provide oversight on the financial matters of the association. He has volunteered in BOFWA for more than 12 years and continues to do so to date. Before ascending to the lecturer position, he served as a finance tutor in the same faculty from 2016-2019. 
On a part time basis, Mr Bakwenabatsile teaches business degree students at the center for continuing education as well as Diploma students studying Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies.

Mr Bakwenabatsile has also served as research coordinator for several biomedical research projects at the University of Botswana, university of Pennsylvania and center for disease control (CDC-Botswana). He has also served as a Nurse at Princess Marina Hospital and Botswana Harvard Partnership respectively.

Business Finance
Investment analysis and Portfolio Management
Financial Institutions and Markets
Financial Statement Analysis 
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Cost Accounting


working capital management and firm performance
corporate governance and company performance
valuation techniques and stock returns

Financial literacy and individual saving

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Sathyamoorthi,  C.R., Mbekomize, C.J. and Bakwenabatsile L (2020) Impact of Cash Conversion Cycle on Financial Performance: An Empirical study of  Listed Companies in Botswana. Accepted for publication in the Afro-Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting

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