Staff Profiles

New Management Development Program (NMDP) , [ University of Stellenbosch, South Africa]

Master of Business Administration [ Universita Catolica Del Sacro Cuore,Milan ,Italy]

MEng Mechanical Engineering [ Uni of Braford, UK]

BEng Mechanical Engineering [ University of Bradford, UK]

Botumile Matake is Product Designer and Lecturer in Industrial Design and Technology Department.  Experienced in product design, manufacturing, and production support Specialist with more than 12 Years in the various sections of the Industry.  Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry, business consultation, and manufacturing environments. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Market Research, and project management. Advanced Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Specialist. Awarded employee of the Year Parastatal in 2009 by the Ministry of Science and Technology for outstanding contribution towards deliverables. Participated in 2011 as judge in   National Design and Technology Exhibition of Botswana.  Also, in his personal capacity participated in the National Agriculture Show of 2015, to showcase problem solving design products geared towards small scale rural farming.


Computer Aided Design and , manufacturing , Product Design,  Optimisation, Design Studio (Structures & Mechanisms)

In pursuit of academic excellence