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Prof. Maria S. Nnyepi

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Faculty of Education

Family and Consumer Sciences


Location: Block 221: Office 4
Phone: (267) 355 5696
Email Prof. Maria S. Nnyepi

  • Ph.D.(2004). Human Nutrition: Michigan State University
  • MS (200)Human Nutrition: Michigan State University
  • BHES (Medical Dietetics;1993), University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Registered Dietician (since1993 Botswana Health Professions Council
  • Affiliations: BODA, ANS, Ecohealth-Africa Chapter

  • Human Nutrition:  (Clinical Nutrition, Lifecycle Nutrition,  Community Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition)
  • Research Methods
  • Management of Extension Programmes


Human nutrition with particular focus on

  • the determinants of malnutrition
  • dietary diversity
  • household food security
  • access to primary health care services.
  • noncommunicable diseases

  • Nutritional assessment and interventions in vulnerable population groups ( preschool children, School age children, HIV+ population groups)
  • linkages between poverty, Household food security ( access), infant and young children feeding  practices and nutritional status of at risk groups
  • Nutrition transition and Non communicable diseases



  1. Tindall, A.M., Schall, J.I., Seme, B., Ratshaa, B., Tolle, M., Nnyepi , M.S. et al. (2020).   Vitamin D status, nutrition and growth in HIV-infected mothers and HIV-exposed infants and children in Botswana PLoS One 15(8):e0236510. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0236510
  2. Malete L., Mokgatlhe, L., Nnyepi, M.S. Jackson, J., Wen, F. et al. (2017). Effects of a High Protein Food Supplement on Physical Activity, Motor Performance and Health Related Quality of Life of HIV Infected Botswana Children on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART). AIMS Public Health, 4(3), 258-277.
  3. Nnyepi, M.S., Gwisayi, N., Lekgoa, M. Seru, T. (2015). Evidence of Nutrition Transition in Southern Africa. Proceedings of Nutrition Society Doi:10.1017/S0029665115000051.
  4. Nnyepi M.S, Bennink  M.,  Jackson-Malete J., Venkatesh S., Malete ,  Mokgatlhe, L  et al.(2015). Nutrition status of HIV+ children in Botswana. Health Education, Vol. 115 Iss: 5, pp.495 – 514

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