Staff Profiles

Mr. Ishmael B. Zibani


Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Electrical Engineering

Senior Lecturer

Location: 248/107
Phone: 3554443, 3952309 (fax)
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MSc, Herriot Watt University, Scotland, U.K.

BEng, Aberdeeen University, U.K.

Seniour Lecturer, Electrical Department, FET, U.B.

(Digital) Electronics for Undergrads (BEng) and Postgrads (MSc)

Design of Digital controllers for Mechatronics Systems

Software Defined Radios

PLDs, SWRs, Digital Modulation/Demodulation schemes, PV systems. 

Zibani, I, Chuma, J. and Marumo, R.  (2013), Camless Systems for Spark Ignited Engines. Proceedings of the 6th Africa Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Conference Gaborone, Botswana, held on 4-8 March 2013. Conference theme: Effective Management of Transport Infrastructure for Economic Recovery in Africa.

Zibani, I., Marumo, R., Chuma, J and Ngebani I. and Tsamaase K., Control Unit for a Coreless Stator for use with SI Engine Stepping Valve. Procedia Manufacturing (Elsevier), Volume 21, 2018, Pages 397-404.

Adamu M.Z, Jwaone G., Bakary D., Chuma J. Lone K., Mpho D. Zibani I. A Secured Smart Home Switching System based on Wireless Communications and Self-Energy Harvesting, IEEE Access, Feb. 2019.

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