Antenatal Clinic (ANC)/Pregnancy Care

The clinic welcomes you to our friendly ante-natal services. For safety of your pregnancy you must register for ante-natal care as soon as you realize that you are pregnant. Come for regular checkups with our dedicated team of midwives to monitor your pregnancy progress.

Speak to the midwife about joining our ante-natal classes.

Gentlemen, come and support your partner.

Family Planning

You are welcome to our family planning services, where our objective is to help you to have children by choice not by chance. We have a variety of methods that you can choose from; such as the condoms, pill, the injection (depo), the loop (IUCD) and implants. We may assist you with emergency contraceptives as per our departmental policy. Your partner is encouraged to accompany you for these free services.

Visit the clinic to learn more about these options.

Male Only Hour

Of course we care about our male students and their sexual reproductive health. Come and register for scheduled informative discussions on sexual reproduction and other health issues.

Sexual Assaults

Please visit us for information and care on sexual assault. Our empathetic staff is available to listen to you in confidence and refer you appropriately. Do not take a shower or throw away clothes and any other items that might help with investigations.

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