Facility rental

The Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation has various facilities available for rental to both UB community and public. They include

  • The Stadium
  • The Aquatic Centre
  • Softball diamond
  • Outdoor courts (netball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball)
  • Open arena/amphitheater
  • Campus Indoor Sports Center

Equipment loans

Our equipment is loaned to the UB community. We have equipment cutting across various types of sports.


Our department offers coaching to student clubs for free in the respective sporting codes.

  • Volunteers are welcome to join the staff.
  • We have part time (paid employees) coaches to assist resident coaches.
  • Our Sport Officers can also run courses for the UB Community and nation teams.
  • Mentoring

Workshops and seminars

  • Our department hosts workshops and seminars to support various courses. We also give different talks to the UB community, schools, private institutions and public that cover
    • Sports
    • Fitness   
    • Motivation
    • Culture
    • Visual and performing arts
  • UB community members may request for a seminar or collaborative workshop.
  • Some seminars run according to a year schedule.
  • They are free of charge.

Guided tours

We also have guided tours of the facilities.

Contact us at +267 355 5209 for more information on any of the above.

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