University of Botswana Foundation

The University of Botswana Foundation (UBF) is a non-profit trust established in 2000 to raise funds on behalf of the University.

The Foundation draws from the spirit of the Botswana University Campus Appeal (BUCA) of 1975 to grow the resources to build a University campus under the rallying cry Motho le Motho Kgomo (One Man, One Beast). 

Although UB has now grown into Botswana’s largest tertiary institution, the University continues to face significant challenges in ensuring that as many Batswana as possible have access to quality higher education. The trust has taken on this mantle, and over 250 deserving graduate students have been sponsored since 2004. This is largely achieved through proceeds from an annual gala dinner and a golf day event.

The private sector, alumni and other stakeholders are invited to be part of this rich heritage by partnering with the University to grow the Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund, and/or contribute to the development of research capacity and innovation.

To our alumni: UB has done its part to make you the distinguished and accomplished professional you are. Now we present you an opportunity to be an active ambassador of your alma mater and give back to the University. Draw from the attested spirit of Motho le Motho Kgomo and invest in the future of Botswana’s next generation.

We encourage you to participate in fundraising activities of the University by donating your time and/or resources. You may assume a mentorship role to influence growth and the direction of current students. What other way to see the fruits of your labour than participating in our graduation ceremony!

Kindly provide your details and register with the Alumni Association.