Office of Research and Development

The Office of Research and Development (ORD) coordinates research through Departmental Research Committees and Faculty Research Committees under the overall guidance of the University Research Committee, a sub-committee of Senate which the ORD services as its secretariat. It carries its mandate by developing policies, guidelines and processes that are required in the implementation of the University Research Strategy. Its key functions include recruitment of post doctoral fellows, setting up a quality framework for planning, conducting and disseminating research and assisting faculties and Departments to implement that framework; establishing a structure for ethical compliance by all researchers across the institution and assisting all entities to implement it and to correct research misconduct; establishing partnerships for collaborative research; offering training in research management to academic staff and graduate students; developing a funding strategy and funding guidelines for supporting research by the faculty, academic Department, research institutes, research centres and the individual researcher and; commercializing research outputs through developing intellectual property policy, guidelines and commercialization strategy.