The goal and purpose of the Academic Programmes Review Unit (APRU) is to facilitate the development and delivery of excellent academic programmes at the University of Botswana and its Affiliated Institutions through development of user-friendly systems of quality assurance and capacity building activities for academic staff. APRU achieves the goal and purpose through the implementation of an Academic Quality Management Policy that includes internal and external programme review processes and audit.

The Unit enhances academic staff capacity to develop and provide programmes that meet local, regional and international standards through continuing professional development of staff. In addition, academic leadership capacity is enhanced through provision of workshops, seminars and consultation with departments and faculties.

Furthermore, the Unit enhances its institutional capacity to assist faculties and departments in their efforts towards continuous quality improvement through initiation of linkages with agencies engaged in academic quality assurance and conduct of research and consultations on best practices in academic programmes review and quality assurance.

In pursuit of academic excellence