Staff Profiles

Mr Mokaloba Mokaloba

Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences (Political Science and Public Administration), University of Botswana-2009-2013


Masters of Public Administration ( Public Financial Management) Thesis: Alternatives to Tertiary Education Financing in Botswana-2018

Mokaloba Mokaloba (Mr) is a Lecturer in  the Department of Political and Administrative Studies. He joined the PAS department in November 2019. He teaches Public Administration and Political Science course at undergraduate level

Public Financial Management

Political Economy

Comparative Public Administration

Public Enterprise Management

Public Enterprise  Management

Political Economy

Public Finance

Governance and the State


1. Lekorwe,M; Moseki, K; Mokaloba, M; (2018), Unemployment Mars Favourable Assessment Of Botswana Government Performance, Afrobarometer Dispatch 184

2. Seleke Thabo, Mokaloba Mokaloba, (2018), Has Donor Funding Been Able to Change the HIV/AIDS Policy Agenda in Botswana?, Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 50

3. Mokaloba Mokaloba, (2020),The Riverberations of the Covid-19 Hit International Diamond Market on Botswana, The Thinker

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