Block 236, Office 229
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MSc (Innsbruck), PhD (Salzburg), Habilitation (Graz)

My areas of interest are: metamorphic petrology of (mainly) high-grade rocks; metamorphic ore deposits, metasomatism; geological processes and mineral reactions during metamorphism and metasomatism; exsolution phenomena and reaction kinetics; geothermobarometry and thermodynamic phase diagram modeling; petrology of the Limpopo Belt and other specified areas of Botswana; kimberlite- and diamond-forming processes in the subcratonic mantle; crystal growth and geology of gemstone deposits.

Selected Publications:

Rajesh, H.M., Santosh, M., Proyer, A., Wan, Y., Liu, D., Belyanin, G.A. (2014) Ultrahigh temperature granulites and magnesian charnockites; evidence for the Neoarchean accretion along the northern margin of the Kaapvaal Craton; reply. Precambrian Research, December, 2014, Vol. 255, Issue PART 1, pp.459-466.

Proyer, A., Baziotis, I., Mposkos, E., Rhede, D.(2014) Ti- and Zr-minerals in calcite-dolomite marbles from the ultrahigh-pressure Kimi Complex, Rhodope mountains, Greece: Inplications for the P-T evolution based on reaction textures, petrogenetic grids and geothermobarometry American Mineralogist, 99, 1429-1448.

Proyer, A., Rolfo, F., Castelli, F., Compagnoni, R. (2014) Diffusion-controlled metamorphic reaction textures in an impure calcite marble from the ultrahigh-pressure zone of Dabie Shan, China. European Journal of Mineralogy 26, 25-40.

Proyer, A., Rolfo, F., Zhu, Y-F., Castelli, F., Compagnoni, R. (2013) Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism in the magnesite + aragonite stability field: evidence from two impure marbles from the Dabie–Sulu UHPM belt. J. metamorphic Geol., 31:35-48.

Mposkos, E., Baziotis, I., Proyer, A. (2012) Pressure–temperature evolution of eclogites from the Kechros complex in the Eastern Rhodope (NE Greece) Int J Earth Sci 101:973-996.

Baziotis, I., Leontakianakos, G., Proyer, A., Lee, H., Tsimas, S. (2011) Physico-chemical Properties of Different Carbonate Rocks: Are They High Enough to Control Lime Reactivity? International Journal of Chemistry, 3:187-197.

Krenn, K., Bauer Ch., Proyer, A., Klötzli, U., Hoinkes, G. (2010) Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Rhodope orogen. TECTONICS, VOL. 29, TC4001, doi:10.1029/2009TC002513, 2010.

Proyer, A, Bruand, E. (2010) Modern petrology – what is that? : Mitt. Naturwiss. Verein Steiermark, 140: 69-84 (didactic article, in German).

Proyer A, Krenn, K., Hoinkes G (2009) Oriented precipitates of quartz and amphibole in clinopyroxene of metabasic rocks from the Greek Rhodope: a product of open system precipitation during eclogite-granulite-amphibolite transition. Journal of metamorphic Geology 27: 639-654.

Proyer A, Mposkos E, Baziotis I, Hoinkes G (2008) Tracing high-pressure metamorphism in marbles: Phase relations in high-grade aluminous calcite-dolomite marbles from the Greek Rhodope massif in the system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-CO2 and indications of prior aragonite. Lithos 104: 119–130.

Courses currently taught:

GEO 211 Basic Mineralogy: The fundamentals of chrystal chemistry, crystallography and systematic mineralogy with a focus on rock-forming and ore minerals. 
GEO 202 Optical Mineralogy: This course teaches the use of a polarizing microscope for identifying the most important rock-forming minerals in thin section by understanding and recognising their principal optical properties.
GEO 308 Metamorphic Petrology: This course explains how the mineral content of a rock and mineral compositions change during major and minor geological processes due to changing pressure and temperature, and how the rock fabric changes and adjusts to prevailing tectonic forces. The students learn about the most important metamorphic rock types and are introduced to the basics of phase diagrams and composition diagrams
GEO 413 and GEO 414 Batchelor Research Projects (students of my group): Individual guidance for field and laboratory work, data evaluation and scientific writing based on a selected research topic (currently metamorphic rocks and kimberlites)

Research Projects:

Understanding the local growth environment of diamond in the mantle (2014-2016; BWP 100,000)
Optimized petrology of impure marbles (Austrian Science Fund, 2008-2014; EUR 253,848)
Diamond-facies metamorphism in the Greek Rhodope (Austrian Science Fund, 2003-2008; EUR 306,070)