Internal Funding Rounds 14/39


The Office of Research and Development is pleased to inform post-graduate students and academic staff that Funding Round 14/39 is now open to receive applications. Please carefully read the details that follow and contact the Office of Research and Development at 355-2900/2902/5780 for related enquiries:


1. Academic Staff

2. Postgraduate Students

DEADLINE: 28 February 2020, 1630hrs


Internal Funding Round provide limited seed funds for academic staff to collect data, analyse and disseminate research results on the various research priority areas as highlighted in University Research Strategy.

The funding also helps postgraduate students with no/limited resources to conduct research in fulfilment of their postgraduate programmes as provided for in the Postgraduate Award Scheme of 2010.

Important Notes for All

  • Internal Funding is intended to support data collection, analysis and dissemination activities.
  • Internal Funding is limited and does not provide for major equipment purchases. Applicants should ensure that the main infrastructure required to complete their projects, including computers, is available within their departments before applying for funding.
  • Hiring of professional staff is not allowed. Applicants are strongly advised to collaborate across disciplines/departments/faculties where technical/specialist skills are needed to conduct the research.
  • Academic staff are allowed to hire Research Assistants for data collection and related costs (Research Assistants, data entry, cleaning etc.) can be funded.
  • Hiring of Research Assistants by postgraduate students is not allowed, except under exceptional cases and will be dependent on justification. Additional information may be required in such cases.


  • Applicants with ongoing/incomplete internally funded projects are not eligible for funding
  • Only postgraduate students with inadequate or no research funding are eligible to apply.
  • Internal funding cannot be used to support external (non-UB) collaborators (employees) where such collaborations are necessary for technical/other reasons.
  • Postgraduate proposals MUST have been successfully defended and approved for implementation by relevant departmental/faculty structures.


  1.  Applications should adhere to the 11pt font, Times New Roman or Arial and 1-inch margins formatting.
  2.  Applications must adhere to the checklist and instructions in the respective application forms.
  3.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to allocate enough time to prepare, package and submit their application.


  • The Office of Research & Development conducts Proposal Writing and Budgeting Workshops for each funding round. Specific schedules for these workshops will be communicated shortly. These workshops provide specific guidance and information about application preparation and submission.
  • Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to attend these workshops


  • Academic Staff proposals are submitted online through the Research Management System accessible here>>. Please contact Ext 5524/2016 for your RMS registration and orientation on the system. A proposal is not needed to register.
  • Postgraduate proposals are submitted in three bound hard copies to the Office of Research and Development (Block 243 Office 125)
  • Applications can be submitted any time after receiving this notice until the deadline.
  • No Applications will be received after the deadline
  • Applications are accepted as they are on the deadline date. Applicants should ensure that their applications are complete before submission.
  • Postgraduate applications should be received by 1630hrs on the deadline date.
  • Academic Staff applications should be in the system by 0000hrs on the deadline date. There is no technical assistance for online submissions after working hours hence all applicants are encouraged to submit before the deadline!!!

The Office of Research looks forward to receiving your applications.

Thank you,

Olebile Bolobilwe
Assistant Director, Grants and Contracts Management
Office of Research & Development
CCE Block 243 - 1st Floor Office # 140
Phone: 355 2900

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