MPhil/PhD Degrees in Physics

1.0 Departmental Regulations for MPhil/PhD Degrees in Physics

The Department of Physics offers MPhil and PhD Degrees by supervised research only. General Regulation 50.0 shall apply.

1.1 Entrance Requirements

1.1.1 Master of Philosophy Degree Programme in the Department of Physics

a) In order to register for the MPhil Degree, a candidate must discuss the proposed programme with the Department of Physics and then submit with the application form an acceptable outline of the research, in addition to satisfying Regulation 50.1.

b) A candidate may be required to undergo a Departmental assessment and evaluation in order to determine whether or not he/she is adequately qualified to undertake the MPhil programme of study. On the basis of this assessment and evaluation, the Departmental Board shall make a recommendation whether a candidate is admissible or not admissible into the MPhil Programme in Physics.

1.1.2 PhD Programme

To register for a PhD Degree, a candidate must have obtained an appropriate Degree (Master of Science or MPhil), in accordance with Regulation 50.2.

1.2 Submission of Applications

The procedure for submitting applications for admission to the MPhil and PhD Programmes shall be as stipulated in General Regulation 50.1 and 50.2 respec-tively.

1.3 Registration

The procedure for registration for the MPhil and PhD Degree Programmes shall be as pre- scribed in General Regulation 50.3.

1.4 Programme Structure

The MPhil and PhD Programmes in Physics consist of 2 courses:

PHY 800 Supervised Research and Thesis in Physics (MPhil)

PHY 900 Supervised Research and Thesis in Physics (PhD)