Bachelor of Education in Physical Education

Entry Requirements

Level 100: A minimum of 5 credits in the BGCSE or its equivalent
Level 200: A certificate in Physical Education, College Diploma, or its equivalent
Level 300: University of Botswana Diploma in Physical Education or its equivalent

The normal entry requirements shall be as stipulated in General Regulation 20.20 and Departmental Regulations ED 9.2 and ED 9.3.

Level 100

Semester I

Core Courses

PHR130 Introduction to Volleyball (2)
PHR131 Introduction to Swimming (2)
PHR135 Introduction to Adapted Physical Education (2)
PHR136 Practical Coaching and Officiating Techniques in Sports and Games (2)
PHR138 Foundations of Physical Education, Sport and Recreation (2)
EFP100 Introduction to Educational Psychology (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals I (2)
COM161 Communication and Academic literacy Skills (Education) (3)
Elective Course (2 credits)

Semester 2

Core Courses

PHR139 Athletics: Track (2)
PHR140 Athletics: Field (2)
PHR141 Recreation and Leisure (2)
PHR142 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sports (2)
EFP101 Foundations of Developmental Psychology (3)
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals II (2)
COM162 Academic and Professional Communication (Education) (3)
Elective Course (2 credits)

Level 200

Semester 3

Core Courses

PHR260 Netball (2)
PHR262 Introduction to Skills and Techniques of Tennis (2)
PHR264 Human Anatomy Applied to Sports and Games (2)
PHR268 Teaching Physical Education in Secondary Schools (2)
PHR269 Motor Learning and Human Performance (2)
PHR210 Psychology of Sport (2)
GEC Courses (4 credits)
1 Elective (2 credits)

Semester 4

Core Courses

PHR261 Introduction to Skills and Techniques of Soccer (2)
PHR263 Table Tennis (2)
PHR265 Accident Prevention, First Aid and Care of Sports Injuries (2)
PHR266 Human Physiology Applied to Sports and Games (2)
PHR267 Teaching Physical Education in Pre-Primary School (2) GEC Courses (6)
Elective Course (2)

Level 300

Semester 5

Core Courses

PHR300 Advanced Swimming (2)
PHR302 Softball (2)
PHR313 Nutrition and Sports Performance (2)
PHR314 Biomechanics (2)

Optional Courses

PHR305 Physical Education Teaching Methods (2)
PHR306 Community Recreation (2)
PHR307 Introduction to Biochemistry of Exercise and Sport (2)
PHR309 Adapted Physical Education I (2)
PHR310 Principles of Sport Management (2)
GEC COURSES (5 credits)

Semester 6

Core Courses

PHR301 Gymnastics and Body Management Skills (2)
PHR303 Basketball (2)
PHR304 Test and Measurement in Physical Education, Sport and Recreation (3)
ETP200 Teaching Practice

Optional Courses

PHR308 Scientific Basis of Coaching and Officiating (2)
PHR312 Leisure and Tourism Development (2)
PHR315 Adapted Physical Education II (2)
PHR316 Sport Marketing (2)
PHR317 Sport and Culture (2)
EFC300 Introduction to Curriculum Development (3)
GEC Courses (5 credits)

Level 400

Semester 7

Core Courses

PHR400 Track and Field Athletics and Theory of Games and Sports (2)
PHR402 Badminton (2)
PHR404 Cricket (2)
PHR409 Research Methods in Physical Education, Sport and Recreation (2)
PHR411 Research in Physical Education/Sport/Recreation I Project I (2)
PHR412 Research in Physical Education/Sport/Recreation II Project II (2)
EFS404 Education of Children with Attention Deficit/Hyper- Activity Disorders (3)

Optional Courses

PHR406 Physiology of Exercise I (2)
PHR415 Facility Management (2)
PHR416 Kinesiology (2)
PHR419 Supervision of School Physical Education (2)
PHR420 Leisure and Youth (2)
PHR422 Sociology of Sport (2)
PHR424 Movement and Creative Dance Techniques (2)

Semester 8

Core Courses

PHR401 Advanced Volleyball (Pre-requisite PHR130)
PHR403 Handball (2)
PHR405 Hockey (2)
PHR411 Research in Physical Education/ Sport/Recreation I Project I (2)
PHR412 Research in Physical Education/Sport/Recreation II Project II (2)
EFH 407 Consultations in Schools and Community Settings (3)
ETP300 Teaching Practice (3)

Optional Courses

PHR407 Motor Development and Movement Experiences for Young Children (2)
PHR408 Mechanical Analysis of Sports and Games (2)
PHR413 Issues in Physical Education, Sport and Recreation (2)
PHR414 Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries (2)
PHR417 Physiology of Exercise II (2)
PHR418 Psychological Basis of Physical Activity (2)
PHR421 Principles and Methods of Coaching (2)
PHR423 Sports Medicine (2)


Assessment shall be as per General Regulation 00.8.

Progression from Semester to Semester

Progression from semester to semester shall be as per General Regulation 00.9.

Award of Degree

The award of the Degree shall be as per General Regulation 00.85