Congratulations to our 2019 valedictorian!

2019 Valedictorian2

Native of Praslin Island, the second largest Island of the Seychelles archipelago, Ms Tania Innocente Bellard is the first born of Ms Gritel Bellard and Mr David Socrate. Discipline and hard work were embedded in her from a very young age by her very strict mother.

Tania attended Crèche and Primary education at the Baie Ste Anne Primary School. She completed her secondary education at the Grand Anse Praslin Secondary School. Her focus and hard work were revealed by good results in her primary and secondary education.

After doing well in her IGCSE and DELF exams, she then moved to the main island of Seychelles, Mahe, to attend at the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) for two years where she completed her A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. With guidance from her mother, Tania then decided to join the National Institute of Education for another two years.

In 2010 she graduated with a Diploma in Secondary Education majoring in Science and was the best performer in the programme. Though she was equipped with the necessary knowledge and pedagogy, joining the teaching fraternity was not an easy task for Tania. Teaching at one of the eleven public Secondary Schools in Seychelles was not only enjoyable, knowledgeable, fruitful, satisfying but also very challenging.

However Tania took the task at hand seriously and proved her competence in it. In 2013, after just two years of teaching, she was promoted to Head of Department (HoD) of the Maths and Science Department, becoming the youngest of the Belonie Secondary School’s Management Team. She was also selected to take part in the development of the curriculum for secondary science nationally.

Her then Head-teacher referenced her as a significant member of the school and acknowledged her good leadership skills. In 2015, Tania was awarded a scholarship to study for her first degree at the University of Botswana. In January 2016 she embarked on her studies in Bachelor of Education Secondary School (Sciences) programme in the Faculty of Education, majoring in Biology.

Though at first she was homesick and took a while to get accustomed to life in Botswana, complicated by the transition from working to being a full-time student, she surmounted all these challenges and maintained focus in her studies.

Her hard work and focus was rewarded by the good grades she got in the course of her studies. The programme was hectic, with good moments interspersed with challenging moments. She wrote loads and loads of lab reports, worked on one assignment after another, sat for many tests, some scheduled for 19:00hrs to 21:00hrs in the evening, sat for numerous examination papers every semester, among others. Tania faced all these head-on, and tackled them to the best of her abilities.

This was not an easy journey, but the bumps and difficulties only made this learning process more meaningful. Lecturers, from the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Biological Sciences and other faculties were readily available for any assistance she needed. She collaborated, liaised and interacted with other fellow students in the search for and acquisition of knowledge. She even assisted other fellow students who requested for assistance.

She worked both individually and collaboratively, sharpening her inter-personal skills in the process. Tania also took time to make new friends in Botswana and explore some tourist attractions on the country. She learnt a bit about the local culture by attending social events like traditional weddings and tasting some local dishes.

Working with Seychelles youths is one of Tania’s passions. She was an active participant in the Indian Ocean Island Games which Seychelles hosted a few years back where she engaged the youth in cultural exchanges during the games and participated in various sports events.

With regards to issues of faith, she is currently a member of the Parish group in her town which encourages youths to discover their faith and live a life that is pleasing to God. Tania resumed her duties as a Science teacher at the Belonie Secondary School in Seychelles in January 2019. She is very active member of the school.