Co-existing with COVID-19

"let us learn to live together safely or else we will perish together"

As we welcome you back on campus please do not forget that the corona virus is still a serious threat. The University has adopted new protocols to keep you and the rest of our community safe. Yes, this means a change to our normal way of life that you need to adjust to. It is your responsibility to know, understand and follow all protocols to ensure a safe campus for staff and students.

Participatory Surveillance Self-Reporting Online Form

Kindly be advised to fill in COVID-19 Self-Assessment Form on day of departure to campus.

Remember to observe COVID-19 health protocols. Wash your hands with clean water and soap frequently. Keep social distancing and wear mask in public places. Remember to sanitize as well.




  • Primary screening at points of entry (temperature checks, sanitizing, registration).
  • Mandatory wearing of masks in public places or any cloth that covers mouth and nose.
  • Frequent washing of hands with soap.
  • Maintain social distancing of 1-2m even when sitting.
  • When coughing or sneezing cover your mouth with a flexed elbow or tissue, and safely dispose the tissue.
  • Undertake personal hygiene.
  • Take away meal system will be in place: use foam packs, but most preferably personal food containers for environmental friendliness.
  • Be familiar with key contacts and frequently check messages in your student email.
  • Complete online assessment form if you travelled. 
  • No social events, parties, groupings of more than 10, No alcohol and smoking on campus.
  • New processes may result in delayed services, exercise tolerance and plan your time well.

Campus entry and exit points

University gates will be functional as follows for entry and exit purposes:


  1. Nanogang gate for entry and exit
  2. Stadium gate for entry only
  3. Notwane gate for exit only
  4. Dirt road east of the Campus Indoor Sports Centre for entry and exit.


  1. Nanogang gate
  2. Notwane gate
  3. Mobuto Road gate
  4. Dirt road east of Campus Indoor Sports Centre 

Protection Services will be available to sanitise and take temperatures of every person who enters the University throughout the day.

Students are requested to adhere to the protocol at the University gates.

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