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Dr. Rosinah Thando Mokotedi

Ed.D (TESOL) Exeter, UK, 2012;

M.Ed (TESOL), Newcastle UPON Tyne, UK, 2000;

B.Ed (Primary Education), University of Botswana, 1995

  My research  interests  are  in  approaches  to  language  teaching  and  learning, children’s  literature, language   acquisition, academic   literacy   and   teaching   reading   in   a   Second   Language.  



Language Education

Primary Education

Children's Literature

Contemporary Issues in Language education


Breakthrough to Literacy

Language Education

Contemporary issues in language education

Teaching and Learning Methods

Primary Education

EdD Thesis: An investigation into pedagogical knowledge and teaching practices of reading practices of reading among primary school teachers in Botswana. Submitted by R. T. Mokotedi to the Universirt of Exeter as a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Education in TESOL (December, 2012). Published online in the University of Exeter Website. 

Mokotedi, R. T. (2013). Beginning Primary School Teachers'Perspectives on the Role of Subject Specialization in Botswana Colleges of Education: Implications for the  Professional Development of those who did not specialize in Languages (English and Setswana). International Journal of Scientific Research in Education, 6(1), 88-99

Mokotedi, R. T. & Mhlauli, M. B. (2017). Teachers’ perspective on learning strategies utilised by standard five ESL learners in reading for comprehension across the curriculum in Primary Schools in Botswana. IJSRE, Vol. 10(5), 505-519.



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