Staff Profiles

Prof. Lydia Motlhankaabasadi Saleshando

PhD - Applied Linguistics (Language Planning and Policy, University of Pennsylvania.

Master of Science in Education, University of Pennsylvania:

Bachelor of Arts concurrently with a Diploma in Education, University of Botswana& Swazilan

Lydia Nyati-Saleshando (Ramahobo) is a Professor of Education and former Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Botswana. She obtained her Bachelors degree concurrently with a Diploma in Education from the University of Botswana and Swaziland in 1982. She later joined the University of Botswana as a Staff Development Fellow in August 1983, and proceeded to study for the Master of Science in Education at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1991 she attained her PhD in Applied Linguistics at the same University where she was awarded the William Arnold Award for outstanding performance and leadership qualities. She became the first African student to have the award bestowed on her. She served as Head of the Department from 1996 to 1999. From 2000 to 2005, she was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Education serving as the second female in this role at the University of Botswana. In January 2006, she was appointed the first female Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Botswana, a position she successfully completed in December 2015. Major publications include the book “The National Language: A Problem or Resource, and The Girl Child in Botswana (UNICEF), and a well circulated paper titled: Towards Multicultural Education for the Khoesan Peoples of Botswana: Breaking barriers, expanding opportunities and exploring possibilities. Her work resulted in the use of Setswana in Parliament. She named the adult education program 'Gae Golelwe''.

Language planning

Bilingual education

First and Second language acquisition

Literacy across the curriculum


Policy planning and implementation

Literacy and the quality of education

Language and quality of life 

Minority issues (ethnic and gender ) in education


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