Are you looking for cultural or sports activities? We offer a variety of events throughout the year where you can participate or enjoy the spectacle as a spectator.

Culture Day (showcasing Botswana culture)

UB student community participate in this all day event showcasing the different cultures in Botswana. Activities include poetry, patlo/lenyalo, dance, dikgafela, kgotla, outdoor fire pit, sampling of cultural cuisine, display of artefacts and arts, and traditional dance (with audience participation). This event is held on campus and is FREE.

Culture Diversity

Our student community working hand in hand with the International office showcase in this all day event the different cultures and cuisine from our vibrant international community. The day includes activities and showcase of artefacts to celebrate cultural diversity. Entrance for this campus event is FREE with a nominal charge for food tasting. The guest list includes ambassadors and the wider international community of Botswana.

Family Fun Day

The UB Community gathers for a day of fun for all, inclusive of the children for recreational activities for the whole family. This event is held on campus with proximity parking and qualified, dedicated staff for a nominal fee.

Fitness Week

This six day event showcases the fun and exciting exercise offered by our Department. It concludes with an invigorating aerobics marathon, introducing various fitness workout, eg.

  • Step box
  • Cardio box
  • Core (incl. abdominal) workouts
  • Body pump
  • Zumba
  • Yoga

Boot Camp

Our 8 week aerobic activity based boot camp is aimed at reducing body fat content through exercises inspired by military workouts which include:

  • Jogging and shuttle runs
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Total body workouts
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Hill climbing
  • Tyre workout
  • High intensity interval training

Swimming Gala

This is a one day swimming competition hosted at the Aquatic Centre with participants from the National Swimming Sports Association affiliates and individuals. Competitors stand a chance to get selected for the national team and qualify for international competitions.

Inter-faculty Games

This recreational program is held on campus whereby each faculty is expected to compete in various sporting activities such as volley-ball, athletics, chess, etc. The games foster interaction between students and participants may be recruited into various University teams.

BOLESWA Intervarsity Games

This event is brings together the Universities of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (BOLESWA) hosting on rotational basis. The games promote academic, sporting and cultural interaction between the three Universities.

These games date back to the time when the three countries had one University over 3 different campuses in the respective countries and were called Inter-campus Games. The event has grown to over 500 participants per University, with each year bringing up more sporting codes.

Staff Pageant

This is a charity pageant that raises funds for identified charitable causes. UB staff members register to participate and undergo a series of trainings in preparation for the grand finale. The training includes public speaking, etiquette and fitness (boot-camp).

Fitness Maitiso

This aerobathon is hosted at the gym every Friday. We offer activities that engage you for an evening of fun and fitness training to distress, refresh and kick start the weekend at a nominal fee. These activities include:

  • Zumba
  • Body pump
  • High intensity interval training
  • Cardio box
  • Core (incl. abdominal) workouts

Check our events calendar or call +267 355 5209 for more information.

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