The 1st Biennial International Conference on Applied Ethics 2019

Monday 10, June 2019 at 8:00AM
to Friday 12, April 2019

Ethics has been a contentious issue over the years in different professional practice and social arena.  There has been a call for ethical practices, ethical governance, ethical leadership, ethical research, and ethical behaviors in daily endeavours.  Therefore, a need to conduct an ethical conference of applied ethics.  The International Conference on Applied Ethics provides an opportunity for different public and private enterprises to share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of ethics in their areas of operation.  It is a forum to debate ethical issues impacting on the socio-economic, education, business and different professional practices.  The dilemmas different institutions face when dealing with ethical issues include, what decision to make and when, why and for whom. Issues of integrity, honesty, equity, diversity, fairness, dignity and individual rights and governance shall be debated.

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University of Botswana Conference Centre