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UB bestowed Great Supporter Award

UB bestowed Great Supporter Award

Dated : 06.04.2017

The Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE) has bestowed the University of Botswana through the Faculty of Engineering and Technology the “Great Supporter of the Ministry Award”.

The award was bestowed by the Minister, Advocate Sadique Kebonang, on March 3, 2017 in recognition of the University’s support of the ministry in developing the mineral policy.
In addition, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology walked away with two prizes, that of the 2016/17 Service Performance Award from the Minerals Affairs Division (within the Ministry) and the 2017 MMGE Excellence Award.
The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Professor Ben Bolaane, said in an interview that UB had been collaborating with the ministry for the past seven years. Professor Bolaane said the collaboration was on voluntary basis as part of the Faculty’s requirement to engage the industry to provide services to the community.
Regarding the Faculty’s contribution to the mineral policy development, which consequently earned UB appreciation, the dean said two years ago the ministry requested the University to participate in a sub-committee that was developing the Mineral Policy of Botswana.
“As a result we seconded two experts from the Faculty - Mining Engineering Senior Lecturer, Dr. Ignatius Buang Matshediso and Mineral Engineering Lecturer, Dr. Khaulani Fichani - to serve in the committee,” said Professor Bolaane.
He also highlighted that the two experts were not only academics, but that they had worked for several years in different capacities for the private sector in the mining area. Therefore, he said their vast experience in the area became handy in the development of the mineral policy. “It is their input that made us proud as the Faculty and UB as whole,” said Professor Bolaane. 
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