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FASU appoints Rathedi as CSCC member

FASU appoints Rathedi as CSCC member

Dated : 07.03.2017

University of Botswana Acting Director, Culture, Sports and Recreation, Mr Raj Rathedi, has been appointed to the Competitions Supervision and Control Committee (CSCC) of the Federation of Africa University Sports or Fédération Africain du Sport Universitaire (FASU).

Mr Rathedi will serve in the CSCC as a member until March 2019, according to a letter of appointment signed by FASU president, Dr. Malumbete Ralethe dated January 1, 2017.
Established in 1971, FASU governs continental university games. CSCC acts as a link between FASU and its Event Organising Committee. It is also responsible for overseeing preparations, controlling the eligibility of athletes and the accreditation of delegations, officials and competitors at FASU sports events.
The committee is also responsible for proposing measures aimed at improving the system of control while in charge of verification and validation of documents submitted by tdelegations to justify, in particular, the nationality, age and academic status of participants. In addition, it provides delegations with supporting documents confirming their accreditation, and receives the corresponding financial contributions.
Mr Rathedi says that although he has no idea how and why he has been appointed to the committee, he believes FASU was impressed with his contributions and commitment during its meetings and events. He is excited that the University of Botswana as an affiliate to FASU will benefit immensely through his CSCC membership. “This surely should market our institution. It will put the University up there in the continental university sports map. I feel so humbled and honoured,” says Mr Rathedi. His expectation is to add value to FASU by contributing to the improvement of supervision and control at continental university games and activities.
Mr Rathedi first joined UB as a student in 1982, and boasts a very strong sports background. When he joined UB, he had studied at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), USA, where he had been on a full track scholarship. While at UTEP, the university won several Conference and NCAA titles (National University Sports Championships) in X-cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track.
“Basically, we were the very best athletics team in US University Sports. No wonder I was honoured together with my two-mile relay team in the UTEP Sports Hall of Fame. Our team had a number of internationals including Olympians and World Championship winners,” he says.
In his prime, Mr Rathedi was an international athlete. When he finally enrolled for BA Humanities at UB, he continued being a star sports performer, and in the process became a qualified sports coach and administrator. He made history after he was elected UB Student Representative Council Minister of Sports thrice. Besides BA Humanities degree, Mr Rathedi also holds a Diploma (Associate Degree) in Physical Education, Bed Physical Education and Masters in Sports and Recreation (Masters in Education) at Wayne State College in Nebraska, USA.
In 2000, he was appointed Manager, Sports and Recreation at UB. He is currently Acting Director Sports and Recreation. Despite his age, Mr Rathedi is still a star sports performer, having won silver medals in two world Masters Athletics competitions as well as several gold medals in continental Masters 800 metre and 1500 metre races. He has also had the honour of, among others, being appointed athletics coach for the 1996 Botswana Olympic Team and Paralympic Games (2004 and 2016). In the 2004 Paralympic Games edition, he coached Tshotlego Morama to win both a gold medal and world record. Mr Rathedi has also been honoured with the Presidential Meritorious Order of Merit and the Botswana Sports Hall of Fame. At one point, he was elected Secretary General of the Africa Masters Association. He currently represents UB in the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the Netball World Youth Cup 2017.
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