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Lulea University of Technology Rector applauds UB

Lulea University of Technology Rector applauds UB

Dated : 05.05.2017


The University of  Botswana’s quest to expand its programmes to become one of the best institutions of higher learning in the world gained momentum when it hosted a three-man delegation from the Lulea University of Technology of Sweden on a three-day visit during which the two institutions explored areas of collaboration particularly in mining, mineral engineering and geology. Consequently, the potential to grow into a world class institution was not in doubt to Lulea University of Technology Rector, Professor John Sterte, who expressed confidence that the University was on the right path to realize its dream. Professor Sterte said at a dinner hosted for his delegation at the end of the visit on January 18, 2017, that he was impressed by the world class infrastructure UB has. He said he was confident that given this infrastructure, UB has potential for growth and long term collaboration with his institution. He reiterated the importance of the two university working together to strengthen cooperation between their countries. Professor Sterte said the institutions could only make the most of what they had if they worked closely together to build long term relationships underpinned by tangible actions. He noted the importance of funding projects and assured UB management that he would soon be working on a formula for such. UB Vice Chancellor, Professor Thabo Fako, had earlier expressed his confidence that UB had what it takes to collaborate with Lulea University of Technology. He also spoke highly about the infrastructure UB has, noting that the visit by the Swedish delegation “would inspire us to do our best”. On the other hand, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Dean, Professor Benjamin Bolaane, said he was delighted at the Lulea University of Technology, describing it as the beginning of a more fruitful engagement given the prospects of collaboration between the two institutions. Professor Bolaane also hinted at the prospects of UB establishing a school of mines in the near future, saying with its long history in that area of study, Lulea University of Technology will come in handy.

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