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The University subscribes to a set of values, and these are outlined in its Vision, Mission and Value statement. One of these values is that the University values students by creating a holistic environment which ensures that learning is their central focus, and by establishing and developing a range of learning, social, cultural and recreational opportunities that will facilitate the full realisation of their potential for academic and personal growth. The Student Affairs Division has the responsibility for creating this environment. The Division also collaborates with other Divisions towards ensuring that the University fulfils its Vision and Mission by developing a student-centred, intellectually stimulating and technologically advanced teaching, learning and research environment and by promoting the health, social and spiritual welfare of the University Community through a range of policies and programme and a diversity of positive co-curricula activities and experiences.

Division is headed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and has five departments each headed by a Director. There are two outsourced services provided directly under the auspices of the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor. These are the Bookstore and Catering Services. There are specialised Units under the Office of the DVC. These are the HIV/AIDS Institutional Coordination Unit, Health and Wellness Centre, Disability Support Services and the Souvenir Shop.

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Application for Graduation

Dated : 17.05.2017

 Any student whose record indicates that s/he is within one semester of graduation must download and complete a graduation application...



Application for undergraduate admission in August 2017 (New Programmes)

Dated : 11.04.2017

    Prospective applicants who wish to study the following programmes at University of Botswana (UB) are advised to apply in order...




Dated : 23.03.2017

  Application for Graduation Any student whose record indicates s/he is within one semester of graduation must complete a graduation application form...



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Disability Support at UB

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