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Question 1. Why are some medications never available in the clinic pharmacy?

according to the Botswana laws some drugs can only be prescribed by certain health care workers, hence their unavailability in a clinic setting.

Question 2. Do you provide dental and eye care services?

we only give initial care, and we refer patients for specialised care/procedures.

Question 3. Do you provide services during the end of semester vacations?

Services are only provided to students on attachments etc, with support letters from faculties.

Question 4. I am an International student on antiretroviral medications for HIV/AIDS, will these be provided for free?

No, this is a government programme and medications are only given to citizens. We will provide follow up care for you and you can source medications from private pharmacies at a cost.

Question 5. Do you have x ray services in your clinic?

we only have ultrasound services for referred patients. For other radiological investigations such as x rays we refer patients to public/private providers.

Question 6. Can I deliver my baby in the clinic?

No, we run a sexual reproductive health clinic, for your monthly checks during pregnancy and post delivery care. Deliveries are done in public/private hospitals.

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