Question 1. Will I be able to get accommodation in the halls of residence if I am registered with the Disability Office?

 Matters relating to accommodation/halls of residence are dealt with by the Department of Student Welfare. The Department of Student Welfare has a quota for students with disabilities registered with DSS

Question 2. I am student with albinism can I register with the Disability Office for my educational support?

 Students with albinism have visual impairments which limit access print and online databases. Thus this qualifies them to receive support from the Disability Office.

Question 3. When can I register for DSS programmes and services?

 Registration is open throughout the academic year to allow students to register for services.

Question 4. What documentation do I need to bring in order to be eligible for services?

 Verification of any form of disability must be documented by a medical practitioner.

Question 5. What guarantee do I have that the information I furnish DSS with will be treated with utmost level of confidentiality?

 High level confidentiality will prevail at all times. Consent will be sort from students with disabilities in matters pertaining to SHARED CONFIDENTIALITY with professionals.

Question 6. Does the Unit cater for all disability categories?

The unit offers a broad range of programmes and services for all disability categories. 

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