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2017 DLIS International Conference on Information and Knowledge for Competitiveness

March 15, 2017


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The Department of Library and Information Studies at the University of Botswana will hold a DLIS Conference in Gaborone under the theme “Information and Knowledge for Competitiveness” to discuss the whole spectrum of records, information and knowledge management (including traditional and emerging approaches) that will help individuals and organizations to be at a competitive edge in the global knowledge economy.

Management of information resources keeps on changing as technology becomes the central focus in the stride towards knowledge-based economies. The way information is generated,  stored, accessed and used has changed to a point where, instead of immobile physical libraries and records management units, we now have pervasive library  and information systems where information can be accessed and utilized anywhere and anytime. Another trend transforming traditional information management is the emergence of integrated library and record keeping systems where information can be accessed from multiple information repositories anywhere and anytime. These developments have ensured that information and knowledge can easily be accessed and used in heterogeneous socio-economic establishments ubiquitously – solidifying the concept of the knowledge economy.
This conference will provide an excellent platform and opportunity for researchers, practitioners, academics, information scientists, innovators and research scholars to share their experiences in diverse aspects of records, information and knowledge management including innovation knowledge solutions. The conference will further provide an excellent interdisciplinary forum to discuss the most recent approaches, concerns and practical challenges at all stages of the information lifecycle in both developing and developed world contexts.
Conference Sub-Themes will include:
  • E-Records management in knowledge economy
  • ICTS and Access to Information
  • Health informatics
  • Community ethics and informatics
  • Open data and open government
  • Digital Inclusion (e.g. gender and disability issues)
  • Big data and libraries
  • Access and information security
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Information and knowledge ethics
  • Democracy and information (…including e-Democracy, e-Government)
  • Predictive analytics
  • The knowledge and application economy
  • Libraries in the digital age
  • Information dissemination in 21st Century
  • Methodologies and theories in information and knowledge management research
  • Policies and regulatory framework for  records, information and knowledge economy
  • Info-structure for knowledge economies
  • ICTs and Indigenous Knowledge systems
  • Other related topics on the theme
Date:   March 15 - 17, 2017
Venue:  University of Botswana, Conference Centre
Conference Registration Fees:
I. Author/Other Delegates: US$350 (P 3,500.00)
II. Poster: US$200
Students: US$100 (P1000.00).
III. Exhibitions: US$250 per person inclusive of meals
For more details, visit conference website at: http://conferences.ub.bw/index.php/dlis/dlis2017
Prof. Priti Jain at: jainp@mopipi.ub.bw, Telephone: + (267) 355 5086
Prof. N. M. Mnjama at: mnjamanm@mopipi.ub.bw, Telephone: + (267) 355 2629
Prof. O.  Oladokun at: oladokun@mopipi.ub.bw, Telephone: + (267) 355 2959
Dr. S. Keakopa at: keakopas@mopipi.ub.bw, Telephone: + (267) 355 4112
Contact Details :
4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022. Tel: +(267) 355 0000 Gaborone, Botswana