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Strategic Elements


Entrepreneurial marketing is indispensable to marketing education in a developing country such as Botswana. It conceives marketing as a philosophy of doing business in which one party, in order to satisfy his own needs, has to identify the needs of others, organise to meet those needs, and then engage in an exchange with those others who can satisfy his own needs and whose needs he also satisfies. This process promotes development by creating opportunities for investment, utilisation of local resources, and employment of labour. The entrepreneurial approach to marketing involves three processes:

  • The identification of unsatisfied or poorly satisfied needs or the anticipation of potential needs in the society,
  • The creation of need-satisfying goods or services,
  • The facilitation of the process of exchange of the goods and services between the producers and the buyers or consumers.

That approach helps students to organise their knowledge within a contextual framework, thereby promoting their understanding and their ability to apply what they have learnt.



The Department envisages be a centre of marketing education, researchand practice.



The Department’s mission is to assist students to develop their faculty and ability for critical thinking and to equip them with the technical competence in marketing needed to create need-satisfying production organisations, goods, or services and to deliver or manage them successfully to accomplish the objectives of both the organisation and the target audience. The emphasis on entrepreneurial marketing is to produce a graduate who will be, initially, a self-employer but ultimately an employer of others rather than just an employment seeker.

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