About Us



Our vision is to educate, recruit, develop and retain medical doctors for the national healthcare system and to enhance the health of the people of Botswana and beyond. 


The mission of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Botswana is to prepare skilful, productive, ethical and compassionate physicians who advance and apply in a humanistic and professional manner scientific discovery and technological innovation to the health care needs of individual patients, their families and larger societal groups.


At its inception the Faculty of Medicine  adopted the Teaching Health System as its preferred method of imparting knowledge and skills to its students. This is a System whereby healthcare facilities at all levels are used as teaching and training platforms. This is a marked departure from the traditional way of teaching students where almost all the training was done in academic hospitals.
The Faculty of Medicine utilises referral, district and primary hospitals as well as clinics for clinical teaching, which starts right from the first month of medical training in the 1st Year. The curriculum was designed to reflect this in that it is community-based. The benefits of such an approach are two-fold:
  1. The healthcare facilities stand to benefit from the resources of the Faculty, and
  2. the Faculty hopes to produce high quality medical practitioners with intimate knowledge and skills to function at all levels of healthcare in the country. Research has shown that medical students trained in a particular environment are more likely to stay and work in that environment upon completion of their studies. This will help address the brain drain crisis that the Botswana’s health care system is currently facing.
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